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Wow.....Look What's New @ You Know Who !!!

Breaking NewsPosted by News From F1 Hoverpod Ltd Wed, January 11, 2012 13:26:24

Welcome back to the developments taking place here at F1 Hoverpod Ltd. Firstly though and perhaps a little late “A Happy New Year” to you all and how good it is to see you all reading the blogs again and in some cases sending through your comments and views, they are all seen and we truly appreciate the interest.

You may remember toward the later part of last year I hinted that some all new appointments to the Board at F1 Hoverpod Ltd were under negotiation and all being well would be taking place in the early part of the new year !. I can now confirm that a new member of the Board has committed to the team and as I write this blog, is being appointed to the Board of F1 Hoverpod Ltd to help oversee the running and daily duties involved in the management of such a company and with a long history of CEO with one of Hong Kong’s largest companies, it is a real bonus to welcome a new member with such a proven background. Our new member is qualified in Law and Business Accounts and has actively been involved within the International Banking & Business Finance for some 25 years and as one might say, “All of these qualities may be required in the same day” when fully settled in at F1 Hoverpod Ltd.

I will be reporting to you shortly of a new appointee here at F1 Hoverpod Ltd who has been head hunted from the Banking World and based in Europe but for now I have to remain tight lipped until confirmed ok to report................”stay tuned as you will be the first to know”.

Team Manager smiley

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